08/21/2012 Some new merchandise added.

Merchandise sold out and some reviews on "Asfalt"

FINALLY!! And this time we truly mean it. The Swedish album "Asfalt" has been released. It was planned and written for in the beginning of the last decade (!!!).
Change of members, rehearsal places, studios, labels. Lack of time, strength, competens, the list could go on and on... It´s not an album it´s a ghost! And we overcame it at last.
So we are 100% sincere when we say we dont give a shit what reception it will get, just to see it out is victory enough...

We are now in the end of the work with the album "Asfalt", some mixin and details is all that remains. Anyway we noticed that a movie about Cornelis Vreeswijk will be out soon and there for a Cornelis hype is to be expected. Then it can be fun to know that the Cornelis cover that will be on the new album was made and planned long before we even heard about any movie.

It´s been a while since the last update. Since then the Comp album "Chaos In Sweden" has been released. You can find some reviews on it and the lyric to our contribution on it here on the site now.

Yes yes we are still working on the Swedish album...

09/07/2009 Unit Lost are back in the studio. Recording an Swedish album that will be released by the German label Sound Of The Streets.
Hopefully it will be out autumn/winter 2009, thats our ambition. The title will be "Asfalt".

Before the album has been released you will be able to find one of the new songs on a compilation album. It will be a truly Swedish compiliation with bands like Gatans Lag, Antipati, The Clichés amongst others. Mainly it will be released as LP by Roliga Firman Rec. Only a very small amount of CD´s will be pressed by Kjell Hell Rec.
Dont know the title for it yet but more info will follow later on of course.

11/12/2008 Been a bit lazy with the updates here, sorry for that! But things are very uncertain with the band right now. Anyway.. there will be at least one more release and that will be a Swedish album. We have talked about that one for a long time and even now we cant dare to speculate about any recording dates or such. But it will be out sooner or later because we have allready signed a deal for it.

Our last gig in Spain turned out in a riot short after we have entered the scene. So it never became much of a gig.. But as we say.. even a cancelled gig is a gig!

Added some new merchandise!

Some dates, reviews and links added

A new review on Killing The Scene and some lyrics added

A new review on Killing The Scene and a new interview added

A Really good Swedish webzine can be found at myspace. Nice design and good and interesting bands. An interview with Unit Lost will be found there as well
in the near future. Check it out! Schizoipunx

24/05/2007 HA! Thought that would grab your attention… Well, we’ve had it!

After over more than 10 years as a band trying not to make politics a big issue the result has been the opposite. And we are fed up with it! We've tried in every possible way to keep out from all the political traps in the scene with the attitude of saying either right or wrong. We felt that was the right thing to do, to make some progress in the defuse of politics in the whole scene. But its impossible… it seems. During these years we have been fighting a war that we never really wanted or needed to. Because this band isn’t racist, fascist or part of any other political bullshit! Yes we are in the hate business allright, but not against a certain movement, race or religion. Guess the slogan “I’m not a racist, I hate everyone” would fit here because that pretty much sums it up. However we will continue, as always, to write songs about
stuff that we think matters and on how we think in certain issues regardless if that’s the “right” thing to say or do. Never the less, we felt this statement was needed to be said, once and for all, to set the record straight. So remember; if you like Unit Lost, make sure you do it of the right reasons, and if you don’t like Unit Lost… well the same goes for you! //UL

We didnt turn up in Amsterdam, sorry for that!

Unit Lost won´t play at the Concrete Jungel Festival! We had to cancel the gig because of reasons within the band. Never mind the flyers and the websites you might have seen, now you know for sure that we won´t be there.

Reviews on "Killing The Scene" has started to drop in. Suppose it will be more of them later on. A new interview in Swedish can also be found now.

Thanks to some of you who showed up at the gig at Fredmans in Uppsala! Also a big thanks to the promotors and the bands Fornicators and Antipati!

We did a gig in Västerås recently. Unfortunatly we didnt managed to get it on the gig list before it took off. Anyway it was great fun, thanks to you who showed up and to Bullhead for inviting us!

Added some interviews and gigs. Not much happening, get back with some other info later on.

Unit Lost will be on a compilation album released by the German label Sound Of The Streets. The album which title is "Reclaim The Game" has football and the upcoming World Cup as a theme. Unit Lost will attend with new versions of the two songs "Our Way To Speak" And "Primitive Pride". No exact release date is set but hopefully it will be out this month or in july. Other bands on the comp. is: TMF, Headcase, Battle Scarred, Les Vilains, Iron Fist, Bierroiber, The Young Ones, Foienoord.

The LP edition of the new album and some new shirts has arrived. Get it here

The first trip to Germany this years was super! Cheers to Ivo, Knut, Bigge, Cindy, Klaus and all other great people we met there. Also thank´s to our drinking brothers in Sniffing Glue!

Thank´s to all of you who came to our ten years party and showed your support!! We had a great evening and hope you had too!

17/04/2006 10 years anniversary/release party!!!
Saturday 27th may. Eskilstuna, Ståhlbergsvägen 13. Entrance-fee: 50 Skr. On stage Unit Lost and some special guest. Beer and booze in the bar. The new album "Killing The Scene" and some new merchandise will be available. If you like Unit Lost or just want to sleep with some of the members, DON´T MISS IT!

The Anniversary Album which will have the title "Killing The Scene" will be released as LP in may by Camden Town. As usual the LP version is limited to 500 ex. As a little special the LP will contain a booklet in A4 format with all the lyrics and such in it. The album may not be the tightest we have done but it sure is the hardest, fastest and loudest as it feels. With a little live feeling to it but with a great sound just like we wanted it to. A CD version will be out as well but more info on that later on as we have no date for it right now.

Some gigs and interviews added!

The good old "several reasons" is why we have cancelled both gigs in Poland and the one in France in nov. We are real sorry for this but we will definitely try to get to both countries as soon as possible!!!

The recordings for the "Anniversary Album" (real title later on) will start in week 45. The album will contain various and re-recorded songs from the early albums "Dèjá-Vu 2000", "Headlines Or Work" and the mini album "Dead Man Walking". There will also be two new tracks and some, more or less well known, guest artist´s on the record.

Now you can find Unit Lost on My Space using this link:

20/09/2005 A lot of ideas for the 10 years anniversary that´s coming up next year. Hopefully some of it will happen as well. More info here as we have it.

10/08/2005 Thank`s to everybody involved at the Kuggnäsfestival for a great weekend! Special thank`s to all you people who stomped and supported us at our gig!!! Hopefully we will be able to put up a little video from the gig at the download section soon.

28/06/2005 Great gig and great people! Thank`s to Linnea and Dieter and all others in Belgien! Unfortunatly it was the last gig with Bergan in the line-up. As he has moved to another town the difficulties to rehearse and that kind of stuff is to big. We wish him good luck and say wellcome to our new drummer Timmy!

The new split EP with Battle Scarred and Unit Lost has now been released. Limited to 600 ex. 300 in yellow vinyl and 300 in black.
Oi! Ain`t Dead Distro (Swedish) will have it in soon.

We had a great time in Girona. Thanx and cheers to all the great people we met specially to Xose and Estrella who put up with us the whole visit!!! If you have any pictures from the gig please contact us!! Take Care!!!

20/04/2005 A lot of trouble regarding a new line-up.
The only thing certain for now is that Kim is back on guitar. We try people out the whole time and hopefully we will find some new members soon.

The split album with Battle Scarred is off. Several reasons is behind that decision. Anyway two of the recorded songs from each band will end up on a limited split 7´ released by Camden Town Rec. Hopefully it will be out in june.

04/10/2004 Another epoch in the story of Unit Lost has come to an end. Fyris has left the band. We did however separate as friends. Anyway now we are looking for two new guitarplayers. If you think you`re one of the right individuals for this please contact us thru e-mail.

10/08/2004 We couldn't do the Kuggnäs gig because of several reasons. We did however cancel in time so if you have been misinformed Unit Lost has no part in it.

24/05/2004 We had to cancel the gig at Uddevalla Punk Festival. Sorry!!!

New Unit Lost t-shirts (both regular and girlies) are available from Blind Beggar Rec.

The new album is now available as LP as well. In Sweden you can order it from Oi! Ain`t Dead Distro for a damn good price.

All songs for the split with Battle Scarred has been recorded. Hopefully it will be out during the summer by PST Rec. More info here as it happens.

30/02/2004 Unit Lost will attend on a compilation album released by Bla ckOut Music. "Dont forgett the struggle- Dont forget the streets." is the title. Some of the other bands to be included are: Blood4Blood, Haggis, Bloodline, Retaliator, Harley`s War(ex-Cromags), Badnads, Frontlash, Bulldog Spirit, Iron Cross, Tumulto.64, Foienoord.